Οld mansion for sale ,in Magoulades, Corfu Greece, consisting of 3 levels. Total floor area: 409sq.m.



Οld mansion, at the entrance of the village  Magoulades, over 200 years old, consisting of 3 levels (ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor) Total floor area: 409sq.m.  built on a plot of about 700 sq.m. 4 km from the famous beaches of Agios Stefanos, Arilla, and 5 km from popular Sidari.

Opportunity for someone who wants to renovate a traditional mansion with history, in Corfu and turn it into a summer mansion or even a boutique hotel.

Facilities: Electricity, Water, Telephone

Total floor area: 409sq.m. Plot area: 700sq.m.

This building has been constructed applying the ratio of “golden section Φ”.
It is considered to give harmonious proportions and for this reason it has been used in architecture and painting, both in ancient Greece and during the Renaissance.
The golden section is symbolized by the letter Φ in honor of the sculptor Pheidias of Greek antiquity, the most important of the classical period. The facade of the Parthenon is an example of the use of the golden section in architecture.

Magoulades Village  located In the northwestern part of Corfu, 43km from the city of Corfu and the airport,

The building needs a complete repair.


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