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Spiros Aspiotis Curriculum Vitae

Spiros Aspiotis is a ‘hands on’ builder and entrepreneur from Corfu. His construction company -Corfubuild- operates according to all domestic and international standards. Spiros has been in the building industry for more than 20 years and has a loyal and efficient workforce. Most of his work has been for Greek, Italian, German and English clients. Spyros’ first UK clients speak very highly of him.

Spiros' passion and pride for his work has been more than evident throughout - the end result is proof.

When we first saw the house we were so pleased. It's everything we wanted, and more.

Clients are beginning to gravitate towards him as he provides the level of service they expect. They also have the full confidence they are working with a trustworthy, efficient entrepreneur who is a perfectionist.
If you would like to tune into more technical aspects of his construction work, please log into his website corfubuild.com. There you will find that Spiros has skilled craftsmen who help him renovate old houses, build new, make concrete shuttering -that is a work of art in itself-, build beautiful stone walls, fit marble staircases, lay tiles expertly and imaginatively…and the list goes on.
It would be easy to think that Corfu could be a little behind the times in terms of fixtures and fittings but not so! There is a fabulous choice of modern bathroom fittings, state of the art germane heating equipment, lighting and electrical gadgets, gorgeous tiles (many from Italy), kitchen shops, paint shops, marble quarries – in fact most things once you have learnt to scout around.
Finally there are the skilled artisans who can make almost anything, such as build in wardrobes or wrought iron beds, balconies and balustrades.